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N'hésitez pas à écrire ici vos commentaires sur mes prestations. Partagez ici vos expériences et vos progrès dans  l'apprentissage de la langue française. Vous pouvez aussi faire part de votre projet professionnel ou d'études supérieures en France.

    • Thomas Le 06/05/2024
    Isabelle is a wonderful teacher! I am planning a trip to France. I have taken French classes in the past, but I have forgotten much of it because I have had little opportunity to use it over the years. I was looking for a tutor who could help me improve my listening and speaking skills with an emphasis on those things that would be most important and useful during my trip, such as conversing with hotel/restaurant staff, guides, etc. Isabel was the perfect choice! She is always on time. She has a great personality and a wonderful sense of humor. Her interest has encouraged me to talk about my activities and events of the day, which has helped greatly in improving my skills. She also routinely sends me information for my review and exercises that help me with vocabulary, grammar, understanding of the foods of France, etc. I have found that these are always appropriate to my level of understanding and improvement. Her enthusiasm for the French language has been contagious and makes me look forward to our lessons. Most of all, I appreciate Isabelle's patience with me. This has given me the confidence to try speaking, even when I'm pretty sure I'm going to say something incorrectly, or worse, ridiculous. Isabelle is the best! I recommend her most highly.
    • Kelly Le 02/07/2023
    I would definitely recommend Isabelle as a French tutor! I am currently living in France and was looking for someone to help improve my French for everyday life. I have been taking French lessons with Isabelle and have found her teaching methods effective and personalized to my needs. Isabelle is patient, encouraging, and thorough in teaching French, which has made my learning experience enjoyable and efficient! If you are looking for a French tutor to help you improve your language skills, I highly recommend Isabelle!
    • Katinka (Ukraine) Le 14/02/2023
    Isabelle est une professeure extrêmement dévouée et motivante qui éclaire chaque cours, que j’attends toujours avec impatience d’ailleurs, avec sa sensibilité et optimisme. Elle est une vraie pédagogue qui est constamment très bien préparée et qui me donne des matériaux avant et après chaque séance. De plus elle est précise et distincte dans ses corrections sans oublier de me motiver et de me rassurer. Je suis en train de me préparer pour l’examen DELF B2 donc Isabelle prend soin de toucher tous les sujets importants, y compris la compréhension de l’oral jusqu’à la compréhension et production de texte etc. Elle m’apprend de plus en plus les détails dans la langue française aussi bien qu’à l’écrit qu’à l’oral dont je suis très reconnaissante ! Isabelle is an extremely devoted and motivating teacher who brightens each lesson, which I’m always looking forward to, with her sensibility and optimism. She is a real teacher who is constantly very well prepared and who provides me with helpful materials to practice after and before each session. Besides she is precise and clear in her corrections without forgetting to motivate and reassure me. I’m in the process of preparing for the exam DELF B2 so Isabelle makes sure that we touch every important subject, from auditory comprehension to composition of texts and so on. She teaches more and more the details in the French language in writing as well as in speaking which I’m very grateful for!
    • Linda (United States) Le 27/06/2022
    I have been studying with Isabelle since last August. Each week we talk for a bit and then get to the lesson. Her lessons are varied, interesting and include oral comprehension, which has been particularly helpful for me. Isabelle is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend her!
    • Leslie (Italia) Le 30/01/2020
    Isabelle is absolutely fantastic. Not only is she a native French speaker, she also has superb knowledge of grammar, phonetics and writing skills. She is patient, she takes the time to get to know her pupils and understand their interests and objectives and tailor the lessons to make them as personalised as possible. The cherry on top of the cake, she has the best and clearest set of grammar help-sheets I have ever come across, so good it is actually fun to learn with them!
    • Oliver P. (England) Le 15/08/2019
    Isabelle helped me to pass the DELF B1 exam. She has a wealth of teaching materials and sets very tailored homework tasks if you need them. She is very knowledgeable about grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. She is a wonderful tutor and it is always a pleasure to speak with her.
    • Beth, USA Le 29/09/2018
    I have taken lessons with Isabelle for three months and I am learning so much! I have taken French in the past so I need some review as well as opportunities to learn new vocabulary and grammar. She provides articles to read, radio programs to listen to, grammar practice, plenty of time to talk and listen. When I write things, she takes time to correct them and help me understand how to say my own ideas. She also gives me extra time most every week. She is a great teacher! I could not be more satisfied!
    • Lynne, Australia Le 07/08/2018
    I am finding my weekly Skype sessions with Isabelle productive and fun. She is patient and encouraging and is clearly a very experienced teacher. She has plenty of helpful written resources that she shares with me to assist with my progress. We have swapped recipes and photos. I am thrilled to be improving my French with a native French speaker even though I live in Australia.
    • Dieter Le 21/04/2018
    Après cinq leçons, je suis très content d'Isabelle. Elle s'adapte bien à mon niveau. Je trouve les leçons motivantes. L'atmosphère est détendue et il y a toujours quelque chose à rire. Isabelle peut très bien expliquer les subtilités de la langue. J'ai beaucoup appris. Merci bien, Isabelle.
    • Stewart (USA) Le 19/01/2018
    Isabelle is really an excellent teacher, patient, serious, well-prepared and energetic. She has helped me a great deal with my conversation and grammar. By going back to some basics she has helped me correct some of my prononciation errors. I have been interested in French for several years but I can honestly say that Isabelle has helped me more than anyone else. I highly recommend her.
    Isabelle est vraiment une excellente enseignante, patiente, sérieuse, bien préparée et énergique. Elle m'a beaucoup aidé dans ma conversation et ma grammaire. En revenant à quelques bases, elle m'a aidé à corriger certaines de mes erreurs de prononciation. Je m'intéresse au français depuis plusieurs années mais je peux honnêtement dire qu'Isabelle m'a aidé plus que quiconque. Je la recommande fortement.

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