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Learn French and progress quickly

Personalized French courses

Validation You are a beginner (levels A0, A1 and A2) and you don't dare to speak: I will help you gain self-confidence. You will easily acquire the basics of the French language to express yourself correctly in everyday life.

Validation You have an intermediate or advanced level (levels B1, B2, C1 and C2) and you want to improve your skills to live, study, work or travel in a French-speaking country: I will teach you the subtleties of the French language. You will develop your lexicon in the areas that concern you while easily handling the syntax orally and in writing.

Validation I offer you your first online French course. My personalized lessons are individual or in groups. They will allow you to speak well, to express yourself correctly, to make yourself understood by French people. You will be able to read French newspapers, to listen to the radio, to watch TV and movies. You will develop a good syntax to communicate easily.

My French lessons and exercises for you

Validation conversation and oral expression: give your opinion on a subject, transmit information and understand your interlocutor

Validation pronunciation, elocution: identify and reproduce the phonemes of the French language

Validation vocabulary: enriching lexical fields

Validation syntax: respect word order in the sentence

Validation grammar, spelling, conjugation

Validation oral comprehension: audio and video reports accompanied by questions

Validation written comprehension: articles from the French press on many themes and current topics

Validation  written expression: various essays, summaries, syntheses

Do you need help to progress in French?

It is of course impossible to learn a language alone. Taking individual or small group lessons is the best way to do this. This is the guarantee of benefiting from personalized educational content adapted to your level and your learning objectives.

Validation You want to discover France and communicate with the French, or continue your studies or your professional career in a French-speaking country. Learn the French language easily and with enthusiasm. Make rapid progress with personalized courses, adapted to your situation and your centers of interest.

Validation You must pass a French exam soon. Effectively prepare for the TCF / DILF / DELF / DALF exams and obtain your diploma to validate your level of French.

Validation Whatever your motivations, contact me and book a free trial lesson.

Your first online French lesson is free.

Validation Why do you want to learn French? We will get to know each other during your first free meeting on Skype.

Validation I will evaluate your level in French. You will explain your objectives to me and I will thus propose a personalized progression to improve you quickly in French.

Validation You will receive clear and precise thematic sheets accompanied by exercises adapted to your level, your pace of leanrning and your objectives. You determine the frequency (minimum once a week) and duration (minimum 30 minutes) of your French lessons. You choose the formula best suited to your availability. I offer packages of 5, 10 or 20 hours at attractive rates. You can pay for your lessons securely using Paypal.

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