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Validation French grammar
Does French grammar seem complicated to you? You do not know where to start ? Do you feel lost? Fortunately, thanks to my lesson sheets, you will gradually approach the different aspects of French grammar that you do not yet master. You will finally understand the logic of French grammar in order to express yourself well. My lesson sheets are designed in a clear, progressive and fun way. You will finally love French grammar. My course sheets associated with several application exercises will allow you to master the rules of French grammar.

Validation French conjugations
French conjugations can seem difficult when you want to start or progress in French. And, to express yourself well, you obviously have to know how to conjugate verbs and choose the right tenses! There are many tenses and several modes to conjugate French verbs. And, there are also several types of conjugations depending on the verbs. Have you ever heard of the three groups of French verbs? The conjugation rules are of course not the same. I will explain how to conjugate French verbs in order to express yourself well.

Validation  French tense sequencing
But, you also need to know what tense you should use to describe an event or situation depending on the context. For example, when should we use the subjunctive, and why? And what is the difference between the subjunctive and the conditional? How to tell a story in the past? This is why, here again, it is essential to understand the logic of the use of the different modes and times of conjugation of French verbs. My lesson sheets associated with several application exercises will allow you to know how to build and use the different tenses and modes of French conjugation.

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